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本文摘要:In 2009, Food52 had a level of sweet, indie appeal. The cooking site, which was founded by former New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, featured well-shot food photos, friendly how-to videos, and fervent community de


In 2009, Food52 had a level of sweet, indie appeal. The cooking site, which was founded by former New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, featured well-shot food photos, friendly how-to videos, and fervent community debates on which fat to use in a pie crust or the best way to melt caramel. The recipes were curated and vetted. The members were more sophisticated than your average Rachael Ray fan.在2009年的时候,美食网站Food52还有一些独立国家小众网站的格调。这个美食网站是由《纽约时报》(TheNew York Times)前美食作家阿曼达o海瑟和梅利尔o斯塔布斯创立的。除了很多拍电影得十分可爱的美食图片、很更容易初学者的教学视频之外,网友们环绕各种美食话题的争辩也出现异常冷淡,比如做到馅饼的时候应当用哪种油,或者应当怎样熔融焦糖等等。网站上获取的食谱都经过了精心的编辑和审查。

普通会员的烹调水平要比《瑞秋美食秀》(Rachael Ray)的观众强多了。For all of this, the site was soon rewarded with a monthly audience of more than a million people, as measured by unique users. Yet compared to a site like AllRecipies.com—monthly audience: 30 million—Food52 was small potatoes. (Heirloom fingerling potatoes, no doubt, but small all the same.)因此,这个网站迅速享有了每月100万次访问量的粉丝群。但跟AllRecipies.com这种享有3000万次月访问量的网站比起,Food52只不过是一盘小菜。

In 2013, Hesser and Stubbs decided to change that. The pair raised $2 million in a Series A funding round from Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments and others to become a digital foodie force. Content plus commerce plus community was the business model du jour, and Hesser and Stubbs saw an opportunity to go deeper with their small but engaged community.2013年,海瑟和斯塔布斯决意转变这种局面。在A轮融资中,她们从贝塔斯曼数字媒体投资公司(Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments)等风投机构那里融资200万美元。“内容+电商+社区”出了Food52的特色业务模式,而且海瑟和斯塔布斯也指出,这家小而有特色的美食社区几乎有机会回头得加深、更加近。The company grew to 28 employees and moved into a new kitchen-office hybrid space, laden with plated dishes from test recipes and shoots. (On a recent visit, its staff snacked on a whole roasted fish and fizzy cocktails, while I coughed on the fumes from some pungent roasted chili peppers.)如今这家公司早已享有28名员工,并且搬了一个半是厨房、半是办公室的办公场所。

这里四处都是一盘盘用来测试味道和照片的美食。(在最近一次实地采访中,该公司的员工正在拿一整条烤鱼和冒着汽泡的鸡尾酒当甜品,而烤辣椒的辣味让我不禁腹痛一起。)Food52 also used the additional capital to expand into commerce. A year ago the company launched Provisions, a website that sells the accessories and lifestyle products that accompany its recipes, such as the cookware in which Food52 has used to display its recipes and pantry items like sauces, oils, and salts. There are plenty of esoteric accessories, too, like a very necessary $585 champagne saber and tiny knit hats for eggs.Food52也十分侧重利用额外的资本来拓展业务。

比如一年前该公司发售了一个名为Provisions的网站,主要销售美食的附属器具和保健产品,比如Food52用来展出美食的厨房用具,另外还有油盐酱醋等等。另外还有一些十分小众的独家器械,比如一柄十分简单的价值585美元的“香槟剑”,以及用来存放在鸡蛋的“保鲜帽”等。With Provisions, Food52 goes full circle. The content integrates the recipes, the recipes integrate the store, and the store’s inventory is integrated into Collections, a Pinterest-like part of the site that lets users save recipes, articles, and items for purchase in one place.Provisions上线后,Food52的业务就随之构建了充份循环。


The move appears to be working. Food52 now has 3.6 million monthly unique visitors, up from 1.7 million a year ago. Email subscriptions have doubled from 650,000 to 1.5 million. The number of recipes has increased threefold since April of last year to 27,000.这个动作或许早已看到了效益。现在该网站每月已享有360万名独立国家参观者,比去年的170万减少了完全一倍。

电子邮件订阅者数也从去年的65万下跌到今年的150万,提升了一倍多。另外从去年四月至今,该网站共享的菜谱数量早已超过27,000份,整整快速增长了三倍。Better still: One year in, Provisions has grown to make-up two thirds of Food52’s gross revenue. (The rest comes from advertisements.) With 30,000 shoppers, half of which have become return customers, the company hit its second and third-highest revenue weeks this summer, a rare feat for a seasonal commerce business. Its customers are also younger—more than half are under the age of 34, Hesser says—despite the “disposable income” nature of the site’s products.更加悲观的是,意味着在一年时间里,Provisions就贡献了Food52的毛收入的三分之二(其余部分来自广告)。

凭借3万多名购物者的贡献(其中有一半人早已出了回头客),该公司有史以来营收益第二、第三低的两个星期都是在今年夏天构建的。对于这种不受季节性影响较为显著的电商业务来说,这觉得是真是的成绩。海瑟回应,Food52的顾客也很年长,其中半数以上反感34岁——尽管该网站商品都归属于必须花费“居民农村居民收益”的范畴。The biggest surprise? Provisions’ top-selling category isn’t even cooking-related. Storage and organization items, such as laundry baskets and dryer balls, lead the way. Many top-performing items are sold exclusively by Food52, affirming the lesson every young e-commerce company learns: If it’s sold on Amazon , you’re going to get beat. Which is why Food52 sells custom hand-blown ice buckets, an exclusive spice blend of black sesame, ocean salt and seaweed, and Stumptown coffee travel kits. Oh, and wreaths. “People go nuts for wreaths,” Hesser says.最令人吃惊的是,在Provisions上买得最火的商品类别,竟然是与烹调没任何关系的“存储与的组织”类商品,比如洗衣篓和干衣球等等。

许多热门商品只在Food52上独家销售,这再度说明了一个所有年长的电子商务公司都应当明白的道理——如果你把东西获得亚马逊上卖,你就不会输得很惨。这就是为什么Food52要销售专门手工定做的冰桶、用黑芝麻制成的独家调料、海盐、海带、斯汤普敦咖啡旅行套装等别具一格的商品,对了,还有花环,海瑟回应:“人们完全可怕地讨厌花环。”The next opportunity for Food52 is to design its own products, which the company has already explored in partnership with its vendors. Food52 has created a custom farmer’s market tote bag with MZ Wallace, the New York handbag company, and a set of tea towels with 52 stripes with designer Christina Weber. The company is also returning to Hesser’s publishing roots in a deal with Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Random House subsidiary Crown Publishing, to create four to five cooking-related books each year.Food52的下一个商机是设计自己的产品,目前该公司早已开始与一些厂商进行合作。

比如它与纽约手提包公司MZ Wallace合作开发了一款自定义的农产品购物袋;与设计师克里斯蒂娜o韦伯合作开发了一系列涂抹杯盘用的烫。另外该公司还利用了海瑟的出版业背景,想今年与十速出版社【Ten Speed Press,隶属于兰登书屋(Random House)子公司皇冠出版社(Crown Publishing)】合作,出版发行四五本烹调书。In the world of food-related online communities, Food52 is still tiny. But its boutique appeal, bolstered by unusual content and a genuinely engaged audience, seems to be valuable as the digital media landscape becomes increasingly fragmented. The company has invested very little in marketing thus far, but its audience is growing and staying highly engaged. “Its not that we are like, ‘Oh slow growth,’” Hesser says. “But we feel like the way we maintain our brand is by being thoughtful and careful about how we grow.” For niche websites, it’s better to go deep than wide. Or to use another popular startup maxim: It’s better to build something that 100 people love than something that 1 million people only kind of like.在美食网络社区领域,Food52依然是一个小社区。